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Balinese Legends

Bali Island is the most famous tourist destination in the world. Not only the beauty of the island itself but also the amazing Balinese culture, myths and legends that can not be separated in their life style. Every destination has it's own legend and when you hear the full story of the legend, believe me everyone will be stunned. Here I will tell some of the legends in brief. But if you want to know the full story, please come to Bali and find a good travel agent that has licensed tour guide and have the ability to do so. For the guide, not all them can tell about the legends or even Balinese culture as well. To cope with the gap you have to buy some books about the myth, the legends and the culture. And you can easily find such books in the book store.

Bali Strait
Besakih the Mother Temple
Goa Lawah
Tampak Siring
Some of the legend :


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