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Tirta Empul


Holy Bath-Tampak Siring



Tampak Siring

The word tampaksiring means slanting step. It was a legend, story of a giant Maya Denawa, the son of Goddess Danu. He was married to a Chinese princess. She was sick and Maya Denawa asked for a help to the gods. But because she wasn’t Hindu believer, the gods refused to help until she died. Maya Denawa was grieving in madness and forbade the Hindu gods to be venerated and dictated to be worshipped instead. Many gods fought against him but no one can defeat him. It was only one god can , God Indra, and when the gods were death because of Maya Denawa’s madness, Indra stroke an arrow to the ground near Manuk Aya where the spring comes out. From that water Indra gave other died gods drink and they were all back to live. Seeing god Indra’s power, Maya Denawa scared and run away. In order not to be found by Indra, he ran in slanting step and hide behind a big stone. Indra with his supernatural power can see where Maya Denawa was hidden and shoot a magical arrow towards Maya Denawa’s head. And Maya Denawa’s head fallen down and become The Elephant cave, his bloods flows like a stream and becomes the accursed Petanu River. The Spring believed to be a Holy spring called TIRTA EMPUL.



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