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Almost everybody in the world knows Bali. The most beautiful Island of Indonesia. The island of the gods.  BALI, the exotic island where many dream comes true. Well known throughout the world for many – many years. Bali is beginning to grow and preparing itself to be able to compete with other tourism island in the world. The growth can be seen in the city of  Denpasar, Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, etc. with so many supermarkets, hotels, cafes,  restaurants, shopping centers and excitement centers.

Further more, the people themselves are generous and friendly and also very faithful to their religion, HINDU. The name ISLAND OF THE GODS is very meaningful. Because there are many temples throughout Bali,  from West to East, North to South. The day in Bali never far from flowers, incense and offerings. In each houses, crossroads, bridges, often big trees, we’ll see offerings and burning incense, it makes the surrounding area so relaxing and give a mystical feeling for anybody who pass the road. For in Balinese way of living, religion become ones with the culture. Differ from other part of Indonesia, Bali still strongly holding its culture. Though the cities are similar but when someone visit Bali and live there for awhile, they can see and feel the differences. Its look like that in every breathtaking you’ll never far from the gods.  In each morning and evening they always have relation with their gods, even after cooking the women never forget to pray and give offerings. And in certain dates, the people are gathering together for a prayer, such as in Moonlight night. This tradition makes a great differences in the way of living. Even now, the government speak of AJEG BALI which means people of Bali have to keep their way of living in cultural-religious Hindu-Bali ways.

Talking about culture, we can’t miss the dance. Bali has its wonderful dances that will never found in another part of the world. Balinese Dances are dynamic and accompanied with the gamelan, the dances become so alive and beautiful. Bali can not be separated from art, culture and religion.  The tradition, religion and culture make the people of Bali different, one can see within their smile,  glance and graceful gesture. And because Bali has its own unique and different type of life ,it makes Bali unforgettable.